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11 Amazing Features of Garment Billing Software

No one can deny from the fact that garment industry is a growing industry and therefore many have started to indulge in this business. But the problem that every garment industry is facing so far is improper management of the inventory which follows into disturbed accounts. People face issues of managing the inventory as per the seasons. Thus, there is a need of extra management because there are many categories that need to be sorted like brand, color, size or price and more. Also, people face issues in managing the bills manually. So as to sort this, garment billing software is here for survival. Here are 11 amazing features of garment billing software for you to know:

  • Easy & Fast Billing: By involving billing software into your business, you can easily speed up the barcode scanning, MRP and more by 40%. In addition to this, you can also reduce the customer's waiting time at counters.
  • Stock Management: One can easily manage the inventory of garments or apparels on the basis on type, number, size, category, style, color and more.
  • POS Integration: You can also experience efficiency with POS integration in the software. You can also evaluate the daily reports; track the products and much more with the help of garment billing software.
  • Salesman Commission Report: You can easily generate the commission of salesman with the help of software and with that, you can know the profit margins & plan your sales.
  • Cash Drawer: The software displays its amazing cash drawer management system in which one can easily manage the transactions, cash flows, profits and much more.
  • Send Bills on WhatsApp: You can easily send invoices, outstanding and much more to your customers on the Whatsapp with the help of software.
  • Online Purchase Import: You do not need to manage the purchasing of apparels or garments manually. You can easily import the bills from Excel or CSV format so as to save your much valuable time.
  • Schemes & Discounts: You can also attract a number of customers to your business by posting various discounts and scheme options like combo offers, item discounts and more.
  • Order Management: The software has advanced order management system that can track the partial and full orders, display the product catalogue and processing of the orders with 100% accuracy.
  • Multiple Payment Modes: You can easily accept the payments through cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Payment Wallets, Net Banking and more with the help of billing software.
  • GST Billing: You can easily create GST invoices into the GSTN portal into whichever format you wish and you can file GST returns directly from there.

Features you can get in Er4u, an ideal POS System -

  1. Easy to use & timesaving
  2. Export option for purchase, sell, taxes etc
  3. Self-manage your products devoid of any hassle
  4. Use anytime, anywhere
  5. Serve more counters with speedy billing counters
  6. Exports database from old software
  7. Powerful  to run business entirely yet simple enough for everyone to use
  8. Customer Engagement or Attract more customers, we can achieve by sending promotional SMS or Whatsapp, 
  9. We can get the high buying customers from the reports 
  10. We can fetch the dead stock which is not having good sales or from many months we can place offers on that so we can attract the customers and increase our sales
  11. We can use our loyalty point based system to provide points to our customers
  12. We can stop shop theft from employees
  13. We can also create a ecommerce app integrated with POS Software to bring you in the new world and lots of opportunities even outside your circle which brings a big reach
  14. Easy to use and UX is best in the market
  15. Easily Accounting to get your financial results in one GO

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