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This Retail POS Software Will Help You To Save Huge Money!

Are you using Tally or any other POS software for your business?


Have you hired an expert to use it?

Well, 97% of Retailers hire an expert to use Tally or other Retail Point of Sale Software. You ask why, of course, because the time and effort required to learn the usage is huge.

So, let's do the simple math. An average sales software operator will take Rs 5,000 at least a month.

Means, you are paying Rs 60,000 annually, which is at least expense.

Won't you like these Extra 60,000 Rs every year in your own account?

Keep in mind, here we aren't taking in account the sick leaves or paid leaves or other such issues related to manpower.

On one hand, you are hiring an expert especially for POS Software to systemise and increase productivity.

And on another hand, you are still losing your money on searching & hiring an expert or software operators!

What if the software is so easy that anyone who can use Facebook, can also run it easily?

Now you Save Money on hiring an Expert, you Save Money on a Monthly salary of a dedicated special operator and you Save Money on daily neglected losses.

All these saving, by just one-time investment on an advance simple software, i.e. ER4U, which is a fraction of the price than the savings it does for you.

Oh! Did we mention, in a limited time offer, ER4U - ERP pos system is free to use for the first month too?

So, avail the offer now, click on FREE SIGNUP.

Start Saving.

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