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Features and Pricing Plans for Er4u Garments Billing Software India

Selecting subscription billing and management system is the important decision that a business makes ever. And effective billing system needs to interface with nearly each role of the business organization. Well, it is tough to foresee the present and future needs of the billing tool. Also it is tough to know if software provider can meet all your needs. Before you get locked into a Garments Billing Software vendor, it is time for you to look into your choices. If you do it correctly, you will have to choose a billing tool only at once. A highly flexible and dependable billing tool will scale the business, becoming foundation of a strong income stream.

Consider all these criteria which will help you not only matching the needs with a tool provider but also you can select an ideal one-

#1 Business criteria-

  • Core operations and supported business models
  • Entitlement management
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Data and business analytic
  • Globalization capabilities
  • Pricing model flexibility
  • Retention management
  • Integration points
  • User experience
  • Financial reporting
  • Account and subscription levels

#2 Technical criteria-

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • API capabilities versus UI capabilities
  • Developer experience
  • Deployment options

#3 other criteria-

  • Quality of integrations
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Quality of support
  • System maturity and long term viability
  • Cost
  • Client reference
  • Standards and legal compliance

Features of an ideal boiling tool-

  • Easy to access
  • Helps to save time and efforts
  • With no issues self-manage the products
  • Eliminate the manual pressure
  • Billing tool can be from any place and any moment
  • Speedy and advanced solution for all
  • Get mobile-friendlier screen alerts on each order
  • Serve many counters with fast billing counters
  • Get paid faster
  • Send invoice faster to right recipient
  • High security
  • Compatible tool
  • Maintains sale and purchase record…….so on…….

About pricing plan-

An ideal Garments Billing Software has come up with 4 pricing plan with 1 year, 2 year and lifetime validity. When you choose any of the plans from these you will have access to the features like online/offline platform, system/pc, training and support, billing and bar-coding, purchase and inventory etc.

1 year plan- startup 7,000+18% GST and premium 11,200+18% GST

2 years plan- enterprise 15,000+ 18% GST and enterprise plus 30,000 +18% GST

Lifetime plans

Startup lifetime- 30% Discount - Id you don’t want to pay renewals then these are for you

  • 9,000+GST
  • 10,000+GST
  • 13,000+GsT

Premium lifetime- 30% Discount

  • 14,200+GST
  • 16,200+GST
  • 18,200+GST

Enterprise lifetime- 30% Discount

  • 18,400+GST
  • 20,400+GST
  • 22,400+GST

Enterprise plus lifetime- 30% Discount

  • 51,100+GST

So, that’s all about features and pricing plan. Now you can choose right Garments Billing Software with right plan. And there’s no best deal if you get software at those offers.

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