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3 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business By Simply Exciting Old Customers

One of the biggest tasks that Retailer has to do is bringing new customers to the store. And it should be, but what about those who have already been to your store? Do you know who they were? Do you have their contact details?

Probably No!

So now those customers who have already bought something from you, are again your new customers. In the end, you got a One-Time benefit from the last marketing promotions. Retailers get so involved in marketing to new customers that they forget the old customers.

So every time you do the promotions, you have to spend the same amount to reach the same number of people where you could have saved half of the expenses.

Instead, if you keep a record of their old customers and promote them, won't these customers come to you? They know your location. They have some experience of your store. Their chances of visiting you are High.

See the key is, existing customers are equal to new customers with a very less investment.

But how to excite old customers? With Marketing Strategies like:

  1. Offer Sales Discount Offers - Exciting Offers Excite Customers.
  2. Referral/Coupons to your Customers - When someone share code with friends and family and when both get a discount then actually you are increasing your customer base by multiple times. Yes! This formula has worked for thousands of Retailers and multiplies by many folds.​
  3. ​​​​​​Loyalty System - All big brands are doing this and it's proven formula. It builds Customer Relationship. Customers feel cared and superior.

Saving customer details and maintaining them manually is tedious. Initially, it may seem fine, but over a period of time searching details at an instant and managing them will be difficult. You will be wasting your time and manpower.

Now how can we help you?

ER4U - online billing software also helps you to auto-create customer database just by entering customer details at time of sales. You will get all the details of customers, his purchase history and credit status in ONE CLICK.

Use this data for targeting and attracting old customers again and again. You can create schemes/discounts/coupons which can be automatically applied at a time of scale.

Thus, increase the sales by many many folds.

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