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Small Business Inventory Software for Grocery

Do you know what makes ER4U a unique Small Business Inventory software for Grocery? Here I tell you the 5 Factors that make it the best billing software. 

1. Easy to Use
We have designed ER4U retail billing software so simple, that anyone can become Digital Retailer even if you're not a techie. So, anyone who works at your store or barely 8th pass can operate ER4U. This will Save your Money in hiring an Expert and their Monthly salary. ER4U best billing software is so easy that you don't require any expert to operate it. 
2. Advance
ER4U is a cloud-based software. It can be used in any device Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. ER4U best billing software is so easy but technological advance software. With this benefit, you have the freedom to operate Billing Software from any device. 

3. Automation
With ER4U retail pos software, Retailers do not have to sit in the store to administer the business. he is able to monitor his Business even in absence. Just by a single click, you can see all the reports from anywhere. So at any point in time, you will know how profitable his business is. Instead, they can carry their shop in the pocket!

4. Economic
Even being so advanced, ER4U retail billing software is very economic. ER4U Retail POS Software starts from Rs 6000 only. We charge the lowest AMC in the market.

5. Safe and Secure
ER4U uses SSL encryption which makes it hack proof and multi-level user login system that helps you to monitor and secure your confidential data from your staff itself.

As the name suggests, ER4U is Easy Retail For You and we mean it!    

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