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Best Billing Software in Raipur| POS Software | Er4u

The significance of well-organized billing can’t be overstated and it’s through this work the company collects the payment from the buyers. One way of confirming accurate and timely billing is via automation. Basically the automated billing system is designed for managing the process of cash collection entirely, from gathering data to sending the invoices. The system consists of tough demand of billing like data input and verification, security and tracking payments and billing codes. The benefits of Billing Software in Raipur are far reaching. Though migrating from manual to automated process seems to be not easier. The numerous advantages make its valuables. Below are some reasons or benefits of using good billing tool.

#1- Eliminates errors

Shifting from manual to an automated billing tool minimizes human involvement in the process thereby reducing the chances of human errors. Some human errors like incorrect or missing data, poor editing or formatting, sending invoice to wrong ones etc are more. Those, when using automated billing tool can be easily avoided.

Usually, the only involvement of employees that is limited to the collection and encoding of the purchasers and transaction details, this minimize the mistakes chances.

#2- well-organized invoice management

Managing and tracking buyers’ subscription and other recurring transaction can be tough with manual invoicing. This can even get tough if there are- special rates, free subscription upgrades, free trials, automatic renewals and refunds. It demands wonderful clerical efforts in order to keep all the subscription organized and keeping the records error free.

Billing Software in Raipur, simply and organize invoicing. It allows user scheduling the invoice sending, termination notice and renewal.  This can help avoiding accidental gaps in subscription and lack of follow up on bills not paid.

#3- Ensure data security

Promise consumer data safety is an important aspect of technology solution. The best Billing Software in Raipur employs the latest data security norms. This makes sure that all the data of a buyer and business details are protected and safe.

Invoices electronically are securely sent. The billing tool provides control on who can have access to the data. Greater security level lessens the risk of identity stealing, credit card scam and data stealing.

Features you can get in Er4u, an ideal POS System -

  1. Easy to use & timesaving
  2. Export option for purchase, sell, taxes etc
  3. Self-manage your products devoid of any hassle
  4. Use anytime, anywhere
  5. Serve more counters with speedy billing counters
  6. Exports database from old software
  7. Powerful  to run business entirely yet simple enough for everyone to use
  8. Customer Engagement or Attract more customers, we can achieve by sending promotional SMS or Whatsapp, 
  9. We can get the high buying customers from the reports 
  10. We can fetch the dead stock which is not having good sales or from many months we can place offers on that so we can attract the customers and increase our sales
  11. We can use our loyalty point based system to provide points to our customers
  12. We can stop shop theft from employees
  13. We can also create a ecommerce app integrated with POS to bring you in the new world and lots of opportunities even outside your circle which brings a big reach
  14. Easy to use and UX is best in the market
  15. Easily Accounting to get your financial results in one GO


For all these reasons using an ideal Billing Software in Raipur will be great decision for all.

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